Monday, November 26, 2012

Trend Alert: Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are making a comeback!

That's right: the bouquet style popularized in the 80s, is resurfacing with a vengeance.  Many brides today are requesting long, flowy flower bouquets over the more traditional bouquet...and for good reason: they're beautiful!!!

Before you cringe at the thought of walking down the aisle with the same style bouquet as your ancestors (ok, i'm exaggerating a little), take a look at this roundup of stunningly gorgeous cascading bouquets, perfect for the modern day bride:


PTE Wants to Know: Are you a fan of cascading bouquets?  What type of flowers do you thing would work best for this style? Would you consider a cascading bouquet over the more traditional bouquet?


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