Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Ashley Reed for Mary Kay

There's no denying that every woman wants to look good...and it's a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good!  As an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, Ashley Reed is dedicated to making her clients look and feel their best.  She brings 8 years of experience to the table and has been trained by some of the top professionals in the industry.  She is dedicated to her craft, as evidenced by her ongoing training and continuous study of makeup trends.  Not only that, the woman is as stylish as they come!  She brings to mind the image of the quintessential "Southern Belle", with her unmistakable accent and flair for fashion.  Upon meeting her, you'll feel instantly comfortable and get the sense that you are in the hands of a skilled professional that knows what it takes to bring out the best YOU possible.

Read on for my interview with the diva of beauty, Ashley Reed, and learn how she makes the world a more beautiful place one face at a time.

Name: Ashley Reed
    Location:  Los Angeles
           Company Name: Mary Kay
            Years in Business: 2.5 years
                                       Website: www.marykay.com/dynamicdynasty
                                        Blog: www.dynamicpinkdynasty.blogspot.com 

How did you get involved in the make-up/skincare industry? I began my career in 2002 teaching skin care and color cosmetics with Mary Kay. I took a break from the business while I was enrolled at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Los Angeles). After graduation, I re-launched my business with a renewed passion to enrich women’s lives by teaching skin care and advanced color application. I have always loved make up and helping women feel their best about having healthy beautiful skin. I believe that when a person feels better about how he or she looks on the outside it has a positive affect on how he or she feels about him or herself on the inside. I branched into the wedding industry because I love helping to create a bride’s Cinderella experience.

Do you have any formal training? I have attended many seminars/workshops specializing in color application and skin care techniques. I have been trained by the industries top professionals such as Robert Jones (Professional Make Up Artist) and  Dr. Beth Lange (Chief  Scientific Officer at Mary Kay).

What did you do prior to this? I was a student at University of Louisville majoring in Sociology (Go CARDS!) I also finished the Apparel Manufacturing Management program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Previously, I was a designer/stylist for elevee Custom Clothing – building custom wardrobes for NBA/NFL players and other celebrities.

How do you stay above the competition? I stay well educated by attending various seminars and workshops throughout the year. I study a wide range of products, the specific ingredients, and the proper use and application of these products. I study makeup trends, story boards, and application techniques. I take pride in interpreting these trends for effortless everyday beauty for today’s busy woman. 

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration? I am inspired by my family. I am blessed to have beautiful people (both inner beauty and outer beauty) who push and encourage me to pursue my dreams and to always strive to do my best.

What are a few ways that couples can save when it comes to make-up on their wedding day? Have an idea of what you want your make up to look like (clip pictures from magazines). Shop around for the best price/services/packages to get the best bang for your buck. Consult with a professional on the look you’d like to achieve. Just like you fit your wedding dress, you want to have a “fitting” with your makeup artist to make sure that he or she can achieve the look that you want prior to your big day.

Besides making the world beautiful one face at a time, what else keeps you occupied? I am super involved with working with teenagers...the Teen Church (The Preparation) we started last September at First AME Church. I am also involved in the Young Adult Ministry (The Journey). Follow us on Twitter FAME_journey. We ustream live every Thursday night at 7:00 pm (search FAME YAM). Of course, I LOVE spending time with my family and friends!

What’s the most valuable advice you would give to a couple in regards to choosing a make-up artist for their big day? 1 – Shop around for the best price/package/services. 2 – Have an idea in mind (supported by pictures) when meeting your potential artist. 3 – Make sure to have a “fitting” prior to your big day to reduce last minute surprises.

If you were not in the make-up/skincare business, what would you be doing instead? Ummmmmm…(blank stare), I guess if I had to choose I would be in fashion creating my own line and non-profit organization. There’s still plenty of time for that dream!

Is there anything else you would like to share? Contact me at 213-361-4609 or dynamicdynasty_diva@yahoo.com to set up Ultimate Beauty Experience featuring Mary Kay products for you and your entire wedding party! FREE skin care and color consultation for your entire wedding party!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Giveaway: Free Engagement/Boudoir Photography Session courtesy of The Legacy Boutique Photography

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived: it's Giveaway time!!!!  Platinum Touch Events has partnered up with The Legacy Boutique photography studio to offer a FREE engagement OR boudoir photo session! 

What You Will Win:
 - Your choice of a complimentary Engagement or Boudoir photo session courtesy of The Legacy Boutique photography studio
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To Enter:
 - You must become a follower of the Platinum Touch Events blog (just click the "Follow" button located on the right column).
 - Leave a comment on this posting telling us which photo session (boudoir or engagement) you are interested in and why you deserve to win.  The person who leaves the most thoughtful comment wins.
 - Anyone who additionally comments on The Legacy Boutique blog will receive $100 session credit, even if you don't win the complimentary session

 - Sunday, June 27, 2010 at midnight

I would like to personally thank each and every person who has supported Platinum Touch Events via our Facebook Fan Page, as well as the blog.  Good luck to all!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Bittersweet Treats

Warning: the following post will leave your mouth watering!!!

Danielle Keene created Bittersweet Treats, an online dessert company, to put a "modern twist on old-fashioned favorites".  With an extensive background in the food service industry, it's not surprising that she has mastered the art of creating delicious treats that are just as visually pleasing to look at as they are yummy to eat!  I had an opportunity to sit down with Danielle to learn more about her business and sample some of her most popular treats (love the perks of my job!), including my fave: red velvet cupcakes!!!  After one bite I was totally hooked!  Danielle will be providing the yummy desserts for "A Themed Occasion" and I can't wait to see the spread she comes up with!  If you haven't seen her past work, click here for more photos.  She comes up with the most adorable dessert tables that are sure to be the hit of ANY celebration.

Check out my Q&A session with Danielle:

Name: Danielle Keene
     Location: Los Angeles, ca
           Company Name:  Bittersweet
 Years in Business: 1.5
                      Website: www.bittersweettreats.com

How did you get involved in the dessert industry?

I always baked at home when I was a kid. I thought it was something I could see doing for the rest of my life and loving it. I went to culinary school and then started working in a professional kitchen in Los Angeles.

What did you do prior to this?

I have always been in the food service industry.

What makes a client choose Bittersweet Treats over the competition?

I think the way our product is designed and decorated is visually stunning, but number one I think is because of the way it tastes. The flavors are delicious and not overly sweet like most desserts.

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration?

I like to look at art and textiles to get decorating ideas. I love to go to other cities to see what flavors are popular. And everything Martha Stewart does inspires me!

What are a few ways that couples can save when it comes to dessert options for the big day?

Purchasing a smaller decorated cake and the rest as sheet cake which per serving cost less. Or do a dessert bar and have mini desserts. The cost is less than a big cake and you will have a bigger variety for your guests.

Besides making delicious sweet treats, what else fills your time?

I love to eat out of course! Going to farmers markets, listening to music, I practice karate and enjoying out door exercise like bike riding and walking.

What’s the most valuable advice you would give to a couple in regards to choosing the cake/dessert for their wedding? 

Don’t be afraid to go out of the norm and do something different than just a traditional cake. Having an ice cream or candy bar set up is so much fun for your guests and will leave them with a lasting memory.

If you were not in the dessert business, what would you be doing instead? 

I would want to be a DJ in a club or with a band producing electronic music……..completely different from what I am doing now!

And now for the yumminess you've all been waiting for:

Wouldn't this make a fabulous addition to any party?!  What are you waiting for...call Danielle today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: The Legacy Boutique Photography

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with photographer Karen Christensen, owner of The Legacy Boutique Photography Studio.  I was so impressed by her work, and I learned a lot during our session as she schooled me on the difference between a "shoot & burn" photographer versus a professional (such as herself) who brings a lot more to the table. As I learned more about Karen, I was equally impressed by her mission and what she stands for.  Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is a strong advocate of women's and children's rights and devotes a lot of her time to working with non-profit and women-owned small businesses.  Karen is also engaged to be married, so she can really relate to her clients and anticipate their needs when it comes to the desire to find a photographer who can capture the memories that will be cherished forever.   Check out my interview with Karen, as she steps from behind the lens to discuss everything from the inspiration behind The Legacy Boutique to money-saving tips on wedding photography.

Interview: Karen Christensen  
The Legacy Boutique: Owner, Photographer, Mixed Media Artivist

How did you get involved with photography?

Photography is something that’s been a part of my world since I was fourteen, when I first got the bug to act and model for TV, FILM, and COMMERCIALS. But I really first devoted myself to shooting in 2004. That’s the year my best girlfriend, and then roommate, lost an 18month battle with Leukemia. I was pummeled by that loss. So after taking a long hard look in the mirror, and seeing an entertainment career of compromise staring back at me, I stopped auditioning to finish my BA in Photojournalism and Women’s Studies. That’s when I also really connected to the fragility of life, feeling as if Time was like water through my hands. Overnight, I found solace in using my power behind the lens to help change that. And so my photography studio www.thelegacyboutique.com, named for my friend in many ways, works to make my Art my Activism. Donating my time, talents, and a percentage of the studio’s proceeds to local and international organizations – my Art supports the improved self-esteem and self-sustainability of Women and Children in the U.S. and the Third World.

Do you have any formal training?

Yup! While my Photojournalism degree certainly trained me on the fundamentals of photography, the real training came when I became passionate about this art form, allowed myself to “play,” and surrounded myself with peers whose work inspired and humbled me. You know you’re in the right company if the people: A) completely floor you, B) secretly terrify you, and C) make you question your very worth as an Artist. Funny, but true! Maybe that’s selfish, but I’ll tell you it’s good business and it makes for wonderful community. It’s what you need to navigate finding your signature style, getting the phone to ring, and managing the complexities of running a successful studio.

What did you do prior to this?

I know, very personally, the pressures and the wonders of being in front of the lens. Before shooting professionally I was acting and modeling for roles in TV, FILM, and COMMERCIALS. My currency as an actor was never in my intelligence or life experience but rather in my looks, which is unfortunately true for many women in many professions. On set I would feel terribly outside of myself, unable to connect to the work, and highly aware of every minor imperfection on camera. But I truly believe, in life’s mysterious way, those awkward moments are what now gives me such empathy and rapport with my photography subjects. That’s what makes for authentic portraiture, beautiful from the inside out.

How would you describe your photography style?

I use Photojournalism to capture those “verb” actions moments, like the bride laughing by her great grandmother or the groom popping his shirt collar with a wink and a smile. And I use Fashion compositions for more stylized group shots, where we can add in artistic concepts like Antique lanterns spelling out the word “Love” in a corn field. Go all out creatively, you know?

What is your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?

My favorite moments to photograph are, well, all of them! But if I absolutely had to choose I would say the Engagement Session and the First Looks. Those are the times when it really and truly is about the couple themselves. Not the Dj who’s driving you crazy or the limo driver who’s late, just the bride and the groom connecting with each other and celebrating this new venture they’re embarking on for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Brings me to tears every time! But I really can’t pick ONE so I have to also say the bridal party and couple formals with fun Fashion concepts!

What makes a client choose The Legacy Boutique over competitors?
Incredible word of mouth praise, referrals, and returning clients are what keep my studio a sweet family boutique. I feel so, so grateful! I think the top 5 reasons clients choose The Legacy Boutique are:

1) We offer expert soulful coverage in both Photojournalistic and Fashion styles. And we design custom Art to showcase on your walls or in an Heirloom Album.

2) We build an intimate relationship starting from, “The Legacy Design Consultation,” to the Complimentary “Engagement Session” to the “Bridal Boudoir Bachelorette Party,” to the “Trash the Dress,” day after photo shoot. Consequently, we often become a client’s chosen family photographer for life and go onto shoot Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Child, Family, and Anniversary sessions.

3) Clients feel good knowing that an investment in The Legacy Boutique is also an investment in the improved Self-Esteem and Self-Sustainability of Women and Children through our donated Time, Talents, and Studio Percentage.

4) My former career as an actress and model helps boost clients’ confidence on shoots, ensuring not only strong storytelling with a high art Fashion look but also the most flattering lines and angles with flawless complimentary retouching.

5) We offer flexible Collections, payment plans, and even Registry that allow even the budget bride to have the Photography & Videography of her dreams.

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration?

Time. I wrote in a letter on my website, “I’m haunted by Time.” And that’s really true. I think when you’ve managed a loss of any kind, for me it was the death of my friend in 2004, you become more and more acutely aware of the fragility of life. Whether it’s a morning snuggle with your partner or that point where tears turn to laughter – Life is lived in the little details. We can make big plans, we can chase fame and fortune, but ultimately it comes down to simple togetherness. And that “togetherness” can be fleeting. In many ways, everything I do now has come after the lessons I learned from losing my friend to Leukemia. The moments we shared are now lost, vanished and gone, but her legacy lives in me. Capturing legacies in Art is what inspires me.

What are a few ways couples can save when it comes to photography?

1) Even our base Wedding Collection includes a Complimentary Engagement Session with your choice of Complimentary SAVE THE DATES or Photo Guest Favors.

2) We offer Collections that gift couples a Complimentary Archival Hi-Resolution CD of all their images, which is perfect for inexpensive additional small proofs. We simply caution clients that they will see MAJOR discrepancies in quality, however, it enables them to invest in a few signature enlargements or an album through us.

3) A popular modern trend is to have your guests register for either all or some of your Photography/Videography Collection. Modern couples don’t often need the traditional set of Tupperware and guests love the idea of investing in something that’s both meaningful and permanent. I encourage the brides on a $10,000 budget to utilize your registry to help you! And don’t forget about flexible payment plans.

Besides shooting awesome photos, what else fills your time?

Aside from Photography, I am lucky enough to genuinely say I am in love with my life! From international exploration to local get-togethers, my fiancé and I are very blessed to live and love and laugh freely. Things we love: sunrise workouts in the park, cooking breakfast, beachside bike rides, local farmers markets, snuggling with my cat, riding motorbikes across Indonesia, sea kayaking in Thailand, sleeping in a Guatemalan jungle, climbing a Honduran volcano, ocean swimming beneath the Mayan Ruins in Mexico – to name only a few. My life is magical! Shooting and doing advocacy work is just icing on the cake. And I’m a girl who looooooves cake!

You’re planning your own wedding…what are some of the things you are looking for in a photographer?

Like I offer my clients, I’ll want Photojournalism and Fashion coverage in a combination of Color, Black & White, and Vintage tones. Most importantly I’ll want top quality custom Designer Heirloom Albums, Canvas Wraps, and Prints. Because what’s the sense in investing in excellent coverage and then not investing in a finished product that will stand the test of time, both artistically and archivally? That’s like paying to see only the Dress Rehearsal but not the final performance.

What’s the most valuable advice you’d give to a couple regarding choosing a wedding photographer?

1) Find a photographer who is willing to really spend their time getting to know you personally. You want your photographer to be your photographer for life.
2) Your dress, photography, and videography are your only Heirloom Keepsakes from your big day! Yes you want to invest in exceptional coverage, but you also want flawless Archival Art to showcase and hand down to your grandkids.

If you were not a photographer, what would you be doing instead?

This is a funny question because my fiancé and I romanticize about the countless other lives we’d love to live all simultaneously if we could! LOL. If I were not a photographer I would be living one of these other 5 lives I posted on my blog under, “In Another Life …” (http://www.thelegacyboutique.com/blog/?p=296). There I talked about also wanting to be: 1) An Investigative Reporter like Lisa Ling, 2) A Melancholic Singer/Songwriter like Rachel Yamagata, 3) A Respected Actress and UNICEF Ambassador like Audrey Hepburn, and 4) A Dancer like Martha Graham. Add to that: A Women’s Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, Author like Anne Lamott or Alice Walker, Sculptor – and we may just have me covered! Clearly there’s no lack of inspiration or dreaming, just time.

If you could photograph a destination wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I know I’m thrilled for the Cabo San Lucas Wedding I’m shooting for my new friends Jodi and Mike! But seeing as I can’t make up my mind if I want to get married in Goa, India or Bali, Indonesia or Cartagena, Colombia or Caan, France or Cairo, Egypt – it’s impossible to think where I wouldn’t want to photograph a Destination Wedding. It’s all too fun! Who knows? Maybe I’ll just leave my bags packed and wait for wherever the wind takes me!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

LOL. As you can see, I talk too much! But the last thing I’d like to share is this: (to all the engage couples out there), congratulations to you and your partner. I wish you nothing but Peace, Blessings, and May You Always Live A Life You Love.   

For more information on Karen, check out her blog, and become a fan of The Legacy Boutique on Facebook to see photos from recent shoots. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Real Wedding: Tatiana & Ryan

Tatiana and Ryan celebrated their union on April 30, 2010.  The day started out with pictures of the bridal party at the Pasadena City Hall.  With it's Renaissance style architecture, it was the perfect backdrop for a pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple married in an intimate ceremony at Holy Angels Church in Arcadia, followed by a hip, ultra-modern reception at Cafe Santorini's Rococo Room.  The food was delicious, the music was great, and everyone had a good time!  A special thanks goes out to Joe & Mirta Barnet, the fabulous husband and wife team of Barnet Photography,  who were kind enough to send over images of Tatiana's and Ryan's big day.  I am looking forward to working with them in the near future. Enjoy...

Pasadena City Hall...

I really like this candid shot of the bridal party...

Holy Angels Church in Arcadia...

The strategically placed program...

The two altar floral arrangements were gorgeous!

The happy couple immediately after becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Loved the centerpieces...aren't they cute?!

The couple decided on photo favors...paying homage to their alma mater...

The cake was from Portos Bakery (an office fave!)...

The toss bouquet...so pretty

The sweetheart table...for the sweethearts

The bride incorporated a tribute to her mother through something she loved...butterflies (so touching...I loved it!!!)

The seating chart...thanks to my wonderful assistant Jacqueline for thinking on her toes to get this mounted

The seating "cards"

The card box was created by a relative of the bride...

On a slightly off topic note (I just had to share!!!)...I was semi-stalking these shoes all night,wondering how I can get a pair!!!  Anyone who knows me knows I rarely wear heels, especially none this high...but I was willing to make an exception for these babies!!!  But I fought the urge to do a run-by, and the guest and her shoes enjoyed the reception!

All photos courtesy of Barnet Photography

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Parties and Petals Event & Floral Design

I had the pleasure of meeting Sharmila Gokel-Garg, owner of Parties & Petals Event and Floral Design a couple of months ago after stumbling upon her website.  I was immediately impressed by her creative flair and  amazing designs.  I sent her an email to request a meeting, and found that she was very pleasant to be around, amazingly talented, and super-dedicated to her craft...all the things that make for a wonderful vendor.  From that chance meeting, we formed a working relationship and genuine friendship as we support each other in our business endeavors. That is why when I came up with the idea for "A Themed Occasion", I knew instantly that Sharmila had to be a part of it.  I have been so pleased with her creative input, willingness to jump in and help in any way she could, and overall support thus far and can only hope that it continues!

Check out this candid Q&A session with the fabulous Sharmila, and make sure she is your first choice if you are in need of a floral/event designer!  Also, you can check out some of her work live and in-person at "A Themed Occasion" Saturday, June 19, 2010 from 2pm-5pm at the American Rent All Showroom.

                                               Name: Sharmila Gokel-Garg
                                               Location: Los Angeles, CA
                                               Company Name: Parties & Petals Event and Floral Design
                                               Years in Business: 2
                                               Website: www.parties-petals.com

How did you get involved in floral design? 
Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed entertaining.   I would invite friends over for various themed-parties or pounce on the opportunity to plan a party for a friend or family member.  I would get so excited about planning the menu, concocting specialty drinks and most of all, the décor.  Then one summer, I moved to San Francisco, where I worked for an extremely busy Event Design company.  I had so much fun conceptualizing the decor, going to the flower mart to select the flowers and designing floral arrangements-even when we worked through the night.  I knew then that I needed to find a way to make this my career.  Flowers bring joy to everyone’s life.

What did you do prior to this?
I worked in an assortment of industries before starting Parties & Petals, ranging from Marketing/Advertising to Retail.  In the last decade or so, I received my Masters in Forensic Science and worked as a Forensic Scientist at a Crime Lab, before moving to an Independent Film Company where I worked in the Accounting/Finance department.  Totally random, I know!

How would you describe your style?
A previous client once described my work as sensual, lush and vibrant.  I like that description.  I think I would also add creative, unique, fun and modern.  I like working with non-traditional items, textural flowers and I love color! 

What makes a client choose Parties & Petals over your competitors?
I think that we offer beautiful, creative designs at reasonable prices, with unparalleled customer service.  I am incredibly meticulous and involved in every step of the process.  My client can be assured that I will not only deliver his/her vision but that I will give it 150% of my effort.  Client satisfaction is paramount.

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration?
Other than the flowers themselves, I would say travel.  I love learning about and immersing myself in different cultures and traditions across the globe.  There are very few places that I am not interested in visiting.  Of course, I also have my favorites that I can visit time and time again, which makes it hard to choose a destination.  One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to shop for knick knacks.  Nothing compares to the rush from finding that perfect, unique design item that you can’t find anywhere else-something that no one else (or very few) has.  Not only do these items personalize an event, but they create interest and encourage conversation. 

What are a few ways that couples can save when it comes to wedding flowers?
There are a few ways to save when it comes to wedding flowers.  Most importantly, you should choose a florist that is reliable, dependable and trustworthy.  If this is the case, your florist should be able to translate your vision into something that is affordable.  You should trust him/her to suggest alternate blooms that fall within your budget, as much of what you see in magazines or on television are quite costly. 

I always recommend having different types of centerpieces.  This not only adds interest to the room, but also allows you to have centerpieces at different price points.  You can have that over-the-top arrangement you saw in a magazine on some of the tables, with lower, lesser-priced arrangements or candles on the other.  Also, groupings of flowers in different vases are very pretty and tend to require less labor and therefore are usually less costly.

Another idea, depending on the timing of your event and venue, is that it may be possible to use some of the wedding ceremony flowers at the reception.  Often, the flowers from an arch or structure can be placed on the sweetheart, cake or some other table.

Besides creating beautiful floral arrangements, what else fills your time?
I love spending time with my husband and our new puppy, Madison, exploring new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

What’s the most valuable advice you would give to a couple in regards to choosing a florist for their wedding?
Pick a florist whom you feel understands you and your style, one whom you trust to deliver on your wedding day.  People sometimes think they need to choose a florist whom they have read about in a celebrity wedding magazine or seen on television.  There is no question that these people are talented, but they may not “get” your design aesthetic or personality. 

Also, while your florist may not have an exact picture of what you are looking for, he/she should be able to understand what it is you are looking for and to come up with design concepts that fit your budget and scheme.  We all know vendors that are only out to make money.  While nothing is wrong with making money, you need to be cautious of people who will take advantage of the situation, and inflate their prices, simply because they can.

If you were not a floral designer, what would you be doing instead?
I would be living in Italy doing whatever work I could find to support my lifestyle, preferable something that involved travel. J

Is there anything else you would like to share?
The most important thing to remember when planning your celebration is that it is supposed to be fun and reflective of you.  Flowers can elevate it to the next level, making it lovely and unforgettable, but they will not make or break it.  Don’t feel pressured to make them more fabulous than the last wedding you attended.  Be true to who you are and your personal style. 

Here are a few pictures of Sharmila's work:

For more information on Sharmila, check out her website, and don't forget to become a fan of Parties & Petals Event and Floral Design on Facebook.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Startup Nation's Leading Moms in Business Competition

Last year, I was bummed that I had I missed the deadline to enter the Leading Moms in Business Competition.  So, when I found out that Startup Nation decided to bring the competition back for a second year, I was more than excited to enter!!!  Winning this contest would not only be a great opportunity to take Platinum Touch Events to the next level, but it's an opportunity to combine the two things I am most in love with: being a mom and entrepreneur!  I love that this contest is shining the light on amazing women from all walks of life who are chasing their dreams while taking care of home.  Being a mother is not an easy task...being a mother with a startup business is even more challenging.  However, there are countless superwomen out there that are making it happen: scheduling numerous appointments, working long hours, constantly on the go...but making sure they make it to every cheerleading competition, every school play, every parent-teacher conference...then home in time to make dinner, help with homework, and prepare for the next day to do it all over again.  The saying "a mother's work is never done" is an understatement!

With all that being said, I would truly appreciate the support of all those who know and believe in me...heck, even if you don't know or believe in me, your vote would be greatly appreciated in helping me realize my dream of being a successful businesswoman.  You can show your support by clicking on the "Vote for Platinum Touch Events" icon located on the right hand side of this blog, or by clicking on this link.

Good things are on the horizon!!!