Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Etiquette: Tipping Vendors

The wedding day has arrived, the vendors have set up, and everything looks just the way you envisioned. Only one problem - you have no idea what to tip! While tipping your vendors is not a requirement, it is your gesture of gratitude for a job well done.

Here is a sample of appropriate tip amounts for the vendors that have a hand in making your celebration a hit:

  • Banquet Manager - $100-$500(depending on the # of guests)

  • Hair, Makeup, & Nails - 15% - 20% of total

  • Delivery People - Approx. $10 each

  • Officiant - Between $100 - $200

  • Caterer/Wait Staff - 15% - 20% of total bill (unless gratuity is already included)

  • Parking Attendant/Valet - 15% - 20% of transportation bill

  • Coat/Restroom Attendant - $.50 - $1.00 per guest (unless gratuity is already included)

  • Entertainment - $20 - $25 per member

  • Photographer/Videographer - Optional ($20 - $25 is sufficient)

  • Bartender - 10% of total liquor bill

For all other vendors, simply send a thank-you note and letter of recommendation for the excellent service.

A few tips to remember:

  • As a general rule, tipping is for employees, not business owners

  • The tip amount is usually based on the amount you've spent on that person's service

  • Make sure gratuity has not already been included in final bill

  • To eliminate the burden and stress of tipping on your wedding day, prepare labeled envelopes with tips inside ahead of time and designate your wedding planner (if you have one) or a trusted indivisual to deliver them.

Source: SDSW Magazine

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