Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Been A While...

Yes, it has definitely been a while since my last post, but for very good reasons. I have been working on some pretty exciting things for PTE. I am most pleased to announce that after dealing with some pretty shady, and flaky web and graphic designers (can you say take your money then fall off the face of the planet; or see your project all the way to the end, then fall off the face of the planet! SIGH!!!), that the website is live and kicking (

I am still working out the logistics for the PTE Launch Party, am working on a FABULOUS party for THE most adorable soon-to-be two year old twin girls (shameless plug for my lil sweeties Aaliya & Alexis), and a wonderful wedding for a dear friend of mine in January. Needless to say, I have been B-U-S-Y! But I am making it my mission to post more frequently and not neglect you again. Until next time, here are a few cliff hanger photos of PTE couple Josh & Candy's October 12th Wedding (more details and photos coming soon):

All photos courtesy of American Marriage the Movie...check out their Facebook Fan Page for more info on the documentary.

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