Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Writing's on the...Cake

I'm pretty sure you're all used to seeing writing on a cake (Happy Birthday, Congratulations on the Baby, etc., etc.)  However, you rarely see it on a wedding cake.  The designs are usually so intricate and elegant, that writing "Congratulations on the Wedding" would seem so out of place.

Recently, I've noticed a few cool ways to include writing on a wedding cake that truly stand out...

Fondant Lettering
(Bonus points for adding a hint of color to the all-white design).

  Graffiti-like Design 
 This cake is covered in descriptive words and expressions that tell what life as a married couple is all about (Love, Friendship, Family, Trust, Fun, etc).

Vows in Calligraphy
I love the idea of including aspects of your vows (such as love, honor, cherish) on each cake tier.

You can add a slogan, song title, or even briefly tell the story of how your love came to be.



PTE Wants to Know: Are you a fan of wedding cakes with writing, or does it downplay the sophistication of what a wedding cake should be?  What else can you think of/have you seen written on a wedding cake?

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