Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Convertible Wedding Dresses

Have you ever thought about rocking a short dress for your ceremony, but reconsidered because it wasn't traditional? Or thought about wearing a long gown for the ceremony, then changing into a shorter, more comfortable dress for the reception?

Then a convertible wedding dress may be just the thing you need!

So just what is a convertible wedding dress, you may ask?  To put it simply, it is a long gown that can be transformed into a shorter-length cocktail dress (usually with a cleverly placed zipper hiding beneath one of the dress' layers)!

So if you can't imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a short style, and if a second dress doesn't fit into your budget, a convertible wedding dress is a great alternative.

PTE Wants to Know: Would you purchase a convertible wedding gown, or would you prefer to buy two separate dresses? Please leave a comment below.
Nikola Ahaiwe is a Los Angeles wedding /event planner and owner of Platinum Touch Events, a boutique event planning firm servicing southern CA. To  learn more about Platinum Touch Events, please visit our website and become a fan on Facebook to stay connected!

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  1. Thanks for the post Nikola! Those are some very elegant wedding dresses but at the same time sexy! I'm a aspiring designer and I always get told that I have a great eye for fashion. I must say that all of those dresses look great, but i especially like the Faviana. I think the idea of a convertible wedding dress is brilliant, you can be formal and conventional but also comfortable when the time calls for it. Thanks again for sharing!

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