Thursday, April 5, 2012

Light It Up! Wedding Reception Lighting Options

Want to WOW your guests from the moment they step foot into your wedding reception? Consider using dramatic lighting techniques to transform the look and feel of a plain indoor space, or even to spruce up an outdoor reception area.

A few of the most common lighting options to choose from include:

  • Color Wash - A blanket of color that covers an entire area.
  • Spotlight - A focused beam of light used to highlight a specific object, such as table centerpieces.
  • LED - This is the most popular type of lighting for weddings because they use less electricity and dont get as hot as regular light bulbs.
  • Uplighting - Lighting fixtures are placed on the floor pointing up, projecting color on surfaces that you want to stand out.
  • Gobo - Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern.
Take a look at how special lighting techniques can completely transform a boring space and make it look amazing...


Whichever lighting options you choose, make sure your plans are clearly communicated to your lighting designer, wedding planner or venue coordinator, and your photographer so that they can all work together to make sure you get the absolute best results and that you achieve the look you desire.

Did you/will you be using special lighting techniques to enhance the look of your wedding reception?  Do you thing lighting makes a big difference in the overall look and feel of the reception? Please leave a comment below.

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