Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aaliya & Alexis' Strawberry Shortcake B-Day Party

On Jan. 30, I had the pleasure of hosting a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party for my wonderful twin daughters, Aaliya & Alexis. I had originally decided on a Candyland theme for their second birthday. The invitations were ordered...the candy was paid for...then a sudden and unfortunate passing of a family member took me away from party planning duties for awhile. So because I was in a time crunch, and still debating whether or not the party should still happen despite the somber mood surrounding my family, I decided that the show must go on...even if it meant switiching up the theme at the last minute (unfortunately Candyland party supplies cannot be found at your local party store and I ran out of time to complete all the cute DIY projects I had in mind, womp!)

All in all, the party was a success. The twins had a ball playing in the jumper, the kids enjoyed putting together the gingerbread houses, and I sent everyone home with a sugar rush! Check out the pics...

I was so excited for my lil mamas to turn the BIG 2!!!

A party is just not a party without a bounce house!

They turn 2 and all of a sudden they can hang with the big kids, lol

Alexis was hanging out...

So was big sis Aaliya

My girls LOOOVE each other. Almost makes me wish I had a sister....ALMOST!

The kids had fun making the gingerbread house (remember, it was originally a Candyland theme...couldn't let those go to waste)

I was so proud of the candy came out great!!!

Seeing all the old-school candy made me feel like a kid again

This is the look of two pooped out 2-year olds after a fabulous party!!!

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