Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Thank You Goes A Long Way

A few days ago, I was on one of my new favorite wedding websites, Bridal Tweet, and there was a post in the discussion forum titled "What Caused You to Become a Business Owner". I knew the answer to that question immediately. My response " I have known for a long time that I was destined to be an entrepreneur, I just wasn't sure what I would be doing or how I would do it. When I planned my first event years ago, I knew instantly it was my calling. It was something that I absolutely loved and would do even if I was not getting paid for it".

So while I was going through my email archive, I came across a letter from my very first clients. After reading these letters again (several months later), I still felt all tingly inside. Wedding/event planning is a business that is very self-fulfilling. Just knowing that what you do brings joy and happiness is a feeling like no other. I absolutely LOVE the field I've chosen, and I am a true believer that if you don't love it, you shouldn't be doing it!

Check out the kind words from Platinum Touch Events very first client, Patrick & Rebecca:

Dear Nikola,

"We wanted to thank you and your staff at Platinum Events for all your help to make our wedding day run without a hitch. From the first meeting till the end of the wedding night, Rebecca and I knew that you had everything under control - even the last-second things that we needed. A few of the things we found very useful with your service is how you have a bilingual person on your staff that was able to help with a vendor that needed a translator. The speed that you to return emails and phone calls was very prompt. Also we knew we could trust you and your staff to complete the last minute preparations at our location and distribute out the needed funds to the vendors as needed. We liked the level of anticipation you showed at critical junctures during post-ceremony functions to keep things moving along in a timely manner, and ensure that we were able to maximize our time with the videographer and photographer. Other things that make your service great is your passion to be on the same page as other vendors, sitting in on our vendor meeting, getting family and wedding party people in their proper places, and coming up with great ideas on the fly. We also both loved that you were the last to leave the event and not looking at the “clock” like some vendors can do. But the best for us is that you keep your cool even when things are going crazy as they can with a wedding, that was a huge relief on our nerves and helped with what was already a very stressful day. I know that you are a huge reason the wedding and reception went off without a hitch. For that we thank you for all you did and help us start our new life as husband and wife. We will recommend Platinum Touch Events to anybody that needs an event or a wedding planned because you do a great job at easing the stress that goes with planning a wedding".

Patrick Elmendorf

I would like to personally extend a thank you to Patrick and Rebecca for having enough faith in me to put the most inportant day of the rest of their lives in my hands. I'm sure other entrepreneurs can attest that when you are first starting out, the hardest part of your new venture is getting people to believe in your dream. Without Patrick & Rebecca giving me that first shot, there would be no Platinum Touch Events. So to you, I say a big THANK YOU!!!

I'll post pics and more details about their wedding soon!

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