Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Trend Alert} A Touch of Neon

There is a new trend on the horizon: adding Neon touches to wedding/party decor.  As with a lot of trends in  wedding world, this one has trickled down from the fashion scene, where Neon has been popping on up on runways lately.

So, where can you add an electric pop of color?


Bridal party attire...

Decor/table setting...


The key to successfully using neon colors for your wedding/event is to use it sparingly.  Subtle touches here and there can make a big impact, where as going into neon overload can come across a little cheesy, or even tacky.

 PTE Wants to Know: What do you think of the Neon trend...should it have stayed in the fashion world? Would you consider adding neon touches in your wedding/event decor? Please leave a comment below.

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