Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 10: Heirloom Jewelry Bouquets

I had an O....M....G moment when I laid eyes on these Heirloom Jewelry Bouquets by Noaki Jewelry, found on Style Me Pretty's facebook page.  Aren't they GORGEOUS?! How awesome would it be to glide down the aisle with such a beautiful and unique jewelry bouquet?  Unlike flower bouquets, these beauties will last long after the wedding and can be passed on from generation to generation.  As an added bonus, Noaki Jewelry can take a focal point of the bouquet and turn it into a piece of jewelry on your anniversary (or other special occasion).  To sum it up in one word: Fabulosity!

Would you substitute a traditional bouquet for an heirloom jewelry bouquet?


  1. How flashy! You're right about that bouquet having a lengthy longevity. Perhaps in time it can be an heirloom to be used at another wedding for a new generation, passed from mother to daughter, from one married woman to a newlywed.

    Jeffry Pullam

    1. That is a wonderful idea Jeffry! I think that is the advantage of a jewelry bouquet over a floral bouquet.