Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3: Say Yes to the Guest(book)

Looking to put a modern twist on the traditional wedding guestbook?  Take a cue from some of these unique guestbook alternatives:

Engagement Photo Guestbook: Ask your photographer if they can create a custom guestbook using your engagement photos, leaving enough space for guests to write their message. Photo guestbooks can also be purchased via an online photo site such as

Photo credit: Cameron Ingalls, Inc.

Guestbook Quilt:  This idea can work one of two ways: 1. Individual patches can be displayed on a table with markers so that guest can write their message.  Afterwards, the patches can be sewn together to make a keepsake quilt. 2. You can have the quilt pre-made for guests to sign.  Either way, this alternative is something you can keep and cherish forever.

Photo Mat Guestbook: Display one of your favorite photos in a mounted photo mat for guests to sign.  The great thing about the photo mat guestbook alternative is that it would look great hanging in your home after the wedding! 

Instant Photo Guestbook: How cool would it be to not only have a written message from your guests, but a  keepsake picture to go along with it?! All you'll need is someone to snap a photo of each guest using a polaroid (or similar) instant camera. Guest can affix the picture to their page and leave a handwritten note.  You'll always remember just how happy your guests were as they celebrated your special day with you! 

Wishing Tree: The wishing tree is another great alternative.  Guests can write a "wish" for the happy couple and hang it from the branches of the wishing tree.  With this option, you can get really creative with the tree design, and your guests will be happy to share their well wishes for your future together as the Mr. and Mrs.


Until next time, happy planning!

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