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Super Bowl Party Ideas

I have to be honest: I am NOT a huge football fan (or any sport for that matter).  However, I'll find any excuse to throw a good party, and Super Bowl Sunday is definitely one of those excuses!  It's the perfect opportunity to call up a few of your closest friends and family, pig out on the most unhealthy  some great food, and enjoy your sunday afternoon...winning!!!

Well, this Sunday (Feb. 5) just happens to be Super Bowl XLVI (46), with the New England Patriots vs. New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium at 630pm ET on NBC (Confession: I had to google that info...did I mention I was NOT a sports fan?!)

Even though the game is in just a few days, you still have time to whip together a great party...I mean, it's football for goodness sakes, it doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy...Beer, Appetizers, and men in tight uniforms...ahem, I meant two great teams battling it out on the field (*giggling*)!

I've rounded up a few tips and ideas to help you put together a Game Day get-together in no time! 

When it comes to the food on your game day menu, the best advice would be to Keep. It. Simple.  Finger foods and appetizers are the best way to go.  No need to break out the fancy china or the good silverware.  Provide a few different options for your guests to mix and match...

Who doesn't like 7 Layer Dip? You can even get creative and serve it up in individual mason jars.  Check out the recipe here.  

These Sausage Stars, found on Less Cake, More Frosting, would make a perfect game day appetizer.  The recipe looks super easy to follow, and only takes a whopping 10 minutes to prepare... score!!!


You just can't go wrong with Pigs in a Blanket.  Stick a toothpick in them and you have a perfect pass-around appetizer.

Mmmm, don't these loaded potato skins look delish?!

You absolutely cannot have a football themed party without including hot wings...not an option!

Sliders make the perfect bite-sized snack.  You can keep them really simple or jazz them up with some yummy toppings.

All of that good eating is sure to leave your guests a little thirsty, so you'll want to have plenty of drinks on hand. 

Remember, all of your guests may not drink alcohol, so be considerate and offer a few non-alcoholic options. 

Let's be honest, beer and football just seem to go hand-in-hand.  You can dress up your fave brew bottles with a cute printable football tag.  Learn how to make them here.

Cocktails that color-coordinate with the playing teams...yes, please! Try out these recipes of the Big Blue Buzz and the Brady Punch, or create your own!

Everyone knows dessert has the ability to make you feel better!  Here are a few dessert options to have available to console guests cheering for the losing team...

Score BIG with these amazing football-designed chocolate covered strawberries.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with cupcakes, especially when they look like this! 

If you would like to order some of the most delicious, football themed desserts, I highly recommend Oh, Goodness! Desserts (shameless plug)!  

The bottom line is, a Super Bowl shindig should be super laid back and fun!  Choose foods that can be prepared easily and before guests arrive so that as the host/hostess you can sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Do you have any Super Bowl Party traditions? Leave a comment below.  We'd love to hear them!

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